Mr. Lu

Meet Mr. Luu, a living testament to the indomitable spirit of South Vietnam. Raised modestly amidst the chaos of the Vietnam War, he fought alongside the Southern Vietnamese forces and the American army, facing unimaginable challenges. Today, I had the privilege of capturing his incredible story.

Mr. Luu's tales of near escape from Vietnam by a small boat left a profound impact. He shared the stories of friends who weren't as fortunate. Their sacrifices remind us of the true cost of war and the importance of cherishing our freedoms.

Meeting extraordinary people like Mr. Luu is the highlight of my job. His portrait carries the weight of a thousand stories, reflecting the courage and perseverance that shaped his journey. Through his eyes, we witness the enduring strength of the human spirit.

Let us honor the sacrifices of heroes like Mr. Luu, who fought for freedom and peace. May his story continue to inspire us to appreciate life's blessings and never take our liberties for granted.

His Project:

"You Guys Did A Fabulous Job... Are You Kidding that"! -- Mr. Lu